DIY: pumpkin or squash seed

I’ve read an amusing post in the Yoga Journal blog section this week, about a writer who had changed her lifestyle drastically. She was taking grinding her own flax seeds as an example of how she had become what she used to perceive as ultra hardcore healthy.

I did relate to this post a lot, especially yesterday when I was grinding my own home made pumpkin seeds.

I’ve always felt bad when throwing pumpkin and squash seeds in the bin, because they are edible. So in Hampstead, I used to put them at the bottom of trees for the birds.

In San Francisco, my friend Farida told me that you can actually wash them, dry them and roast them. We’ve been cooking lots of squash and pumpkin lately and we’ve kept the seeds and roasted them in the oven. They are delicious but I find that the texture is a bit harsh to eat as such, so I grind them and sprinkle them on soup, salad, etc.


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