Preserved Lemons

In anticipation of  more of our delicious tagines next year, I’m preserving some lemons.

I really enjoy preparing them and then look at them everyday on my shelf, and see how the liquid moves in the jars, the lemon juice blending with the olive oil and the salt dissolving very slowly.

Also I prefer dividing them into two medium jars instead of a big one. You only need a few quarters in a tagine as they are incredibly fragrant. So it’s better to preserve them in smaller quantities.

Preparation: 15 minutes

2 medium jars

  • 12 small lemons
  • 400 ml olive oil approx.
  • 6 tablespoons sea salt

Wash jars with boiling water. Allow to dry completely.

Boil the lemons in water for 5 minutes. Run cold water on them to cool them down.

Cut them in quarters and stack them vertically in jars. Add 3 tablespoons of sea salt in each jar, cover with olive oil, and screw the lid firmly.

Let ‘marinate’ for 6 weeks before using.


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