Make Your Own: Get Inspired


I love this list by Nourished Kitchen: 11 real foods you can stop buying and start making. A lot of good ideas there.

I make pretty much everything I need from scratch, but ketchup is definitely on my to-cook list.

What have you always dreamed to make at home?


4 responses to “Make Your Own: Get Inspired

  1. there’s a good recipe in the Rodale Whole Foods cookbook as well. They have a lot of good ideas for dressings to make at home

  2. fruit spread (aka the healthier version of jam) – I am already making yogurt/kefir, salad dressings and bread on a regular base – but I’d love to check out all the other stuff.
    The coconut milk does also sound intriguing! Especially since I found out yesterday that the one I grapped at an Asian store was full of conservatives and flavour enhancers and contained just 50% coconut – quite a shocker.

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